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Jan 31 2013, 07:17 PM
Jan 31 2013, 06:41 PM
The discussion started due to Rafe going from Sami to bar woman. Those events aren't months apart. They might not even be weeks apart.

Rafe finds someone in a bar--{and from what it sounds like,she's not a stranger], AFTER Sami already slept with EJ (from what the spoilers say) Go back as far as Deadbabysex which was a very slutty thing to do, for sure. Then she had Lucas, then going after EJ and Rafe like a dog in heat, all while the left out guy thought she was thinking of him. I know EJ was being very dense today, but he should have felt really really stupid not knowing all that was going on behind his back from New Years Eve till now. It's laughable, but Sami is still very much a slut,skank,hoe, easy.....etc.

Oh yeah, and Lucas even said "its Rafe on Thursday and Ej on Monday" or whatever days he said--even the writers see it and are making light of her sluttyness.
What does that have to do with the point that we're not talking about two events that happen months apart? NM. I'm basically finished going back and forth on this, because I know for a fact that if it had been Sami instead of Rafe in this position, it would be called slutty, whorish, behavior.
Rafe has not slept with anyone else but Sami so far. He thought he was in love with her sister but they only kissed. Now Rafe and Sami relationship has ended and she has moved on with EJ. He is now a single man and can have sex with whomever he chooses to have sex with as long it is not Nicole.

Sami was still married to Rafe when she had sex with EJ, Not long Rafe ended it and before she was divorced from Rafe she had sex with Lucas, while Lucas thought they were still an item she went off with EJ and was going to have sex with EJ if it wasn't for the usual interruptions. EJ went off to see to an emergency, and Rafe is back on the scene and before long she was ready to have sex with Rafe, while EJ thought she was patiently waiting for him, Rafe and Sami got interrupted by EJ when they were about to have sex. She was getting ready to have sex with Rafe again when they got interrupted by Hope. Rafe and her had an arguement and before long she was getting hot and heavy with EJ but got interrupted, at least three times. Rafe and Sami has another arguement and she has finally decided it is EJ she loves and wants and of course the sex with her and EJ will happen next week with no interruptions. It has been a steady backward and forward with Rafe and EJ ever since Lucas took himself out the picture.
Sami looks bad, no doubt about it. Not so much Rafe. As far he is concerned him and Sami are over. He is not torn between two different women, where he jumps to the other one when one backs out.
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