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I was really disappointed to see that Melissa Salmons was today's script writer. I usually like her scripts, no matter the story, but I thought today was pretty bad all around.

The worst part was Nick "finding out" about Lucas shooting EJ. Seriously? And while Nick was annoying before, I agree that in the beginning all of the main characters in that story were sort of sharing the blame, but now he's straight up the villain. And it's kind of weird.

I would really like it if today was the last day GG and JS ever work together. They're both so differently bad...it's just not a good mix, and I can't imagine whoever thought it would be.

Sami might as well cut of her nose and call herself Kate. Except at least when Kate was doing it, the other person really was trying to pull something over on her. Sami's just a badly dressed bully.

Both Bristen and Ejami were good examples of what I've been complaining about lately. A conflict starts at the end of one episode or the beginning of the episode and is over by the end of the day. I don't want things dragging weeks, but my gosh. A few days never killed anyone.

The Ejami scenes were so badly acted that it was laughable. And not a single thing Sami said was based on anything that's actually happened on the show. If I thought this would lead to them being backburned like most couples who get together, I'd be thrilled, but I just doubt it.

I just will never understand why this show can't write like they're aware of other things they've written that just aired. Days has so much history to pull from, and if they'd just use it instead of glossing over it and making up something else when they decide to go in another direction, the show would be a million times better.
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