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Jan 31 2013, 05:53 PM
Jan 31 2013, 05:47 PM
Jan 31 2013, 04:28 PM
I have to disagree with what someone mentioned by us not seeing on screen that Sami didn't want to tell EJ about her and Rafe. I know that I had previously mentioned in another thread that Rafe practically had to force Sami to break up with EJ, which is why I found the sudden giddiness over her Rafe choice to be jarring. I did see that others noted it too.

Did they delve into the rape, shooting, etc, no, but when do they do that type of thing with anyone? I don't remember Safe having any type of in depth discussion prior to them getting back together for that nano-second before Sami found out about the Nicole baby lie. It was simply, Rafe is suddenly in love with Sami again because Carrie said so on her way out of town despite the fact that we saw him completely over her and wanting a life with Carrie before she got pregnant. Sami all of a sudden wanting Rafe again despite us being shown that she was totally over him and completely into EJ while playing Lucas. Then bam, they are all in love again out of nowhere, without any type of conversation at all.

Everyone wanted them to end this triangle, at least for now and pick a direction and they did. I don't think anyone that doesn't support the couple will like it and that includes me, but I can acknowledge that the show tried to give some type of explanation for her behavior and feelings, and that's more than we usually get.
No ONLY reason that Sami didn't tell Ej about Rafe was because she got interrupted by Johnny TWICE. It's stupid....they can't even remember what they wrote 2 weeks ago.
they pick & choose which parts of history they want to remember and which they want to conveniently forget or rewrite to make it fit with whatever plot point they're trying to make and who they're trying to write for. TPTB must think that fans are stupid. They should take a moment & ask some of the actors who have been there for years and years how much their character's die hard fans know about their character's history off the top of their heads. Soap fans don't forget what their favorite characters have been through.
You do bring up a good point. There is no way in hell that I actually believed that either Zack or Ciara are Bope's kids based on what actually happened onscreen at the time (that bullshit flashback of Bo as the mime to explain how in the hell he was anywhere near Hope when Zack was conceived is pretty high on top of my list of lames retcons ever). That being said, it's a soap so I've learned to deal with the fact that crazy shit happens to suit the plot at any given moment. If I want consistency and continuity, I can get my fix elsewhere.
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