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I thought today was wonderful and not just the ejami parts, though that did leave me a teary, snot bubbly mess. :laugh:

Sami looked gorgeous today. I LOVED how she went Kate mode on Gabi. She went from slighty scary, to heartfelt over the sonogram to being overbearing about getting things handled before it was born. It was WONDERFUL!!! I knew Sami was bound to end up this way. It did my heart good.

Bristen were interesting too. For a second, I thought Brady was going to have the blinders off of his eyes. Then right around the time I remembered he is John's son was when Bristen started kissing again. :shame: Poor boy is sprung.

Will/Sonny/Brian was delicious! I'm glad Brian is back in the fold. He is too hot to get no screentime. That kiss with Sonny :wow: but then my heart broke in a millian pieces when Will saw them.

Rafe/EJ spat was ok butdoesn't compare to Ejucas. Good times. :wub: Rafe is still a douche. Good to know. He reveled in popping EJ's bubble. I can't wait for him to get what's coming to him.

Sami's heartfelt confession to EJ was beautiful. She was open and honest to him and I admit I got teary eyed several times. She said everything I always wanted her to say. It was 7 years later but better late than never! EJ not saying anything and seeing his face throughout her speech was tough to take. The part when Sami thought she lost him and EJ held her and put his forehead to hers, yep the tears were flowing from me... and a few fist pumps. :cheers: He doesn't need her to chase him; he's already hers. Why waste time? I'm in heaven.
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