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Jan 31 2013, 02:00 PM
a script written by Melissa Salmons.
I need to send her a fruit basket because that ejami scene was perfection. Thank you, Sami, for shutting down any fear that EJ might have had that he was second choice and for finally seeing the real Rafe. I don't care if you go back to him tomorrow, because I'll always cherish this moment.

Sami seeing rafe for who he is - check
Sami admitting she was afraid of her feelings for EJ -check
Sami admitting there was always something between her and EJ that hadn't been explored - check
Sami telling EJ she thought they belonged together and telling him she was going to fight for him - check

It's everything I ever wanted and never thought I'd get. Days really delivered on this. :cloud9: And that kiss, while they were oblivious to Mr. Monotone banging on the door made it even better.

Okay, fangirling out of the way...

Kristen is good, not that Brady's simpleton ways hurt, but she half had me believing her story.

Love Will and wilson, but brison is hot. Brian needs to sit Will down for some kissing lessons and show him how to bring it. Now it does make sense that Will's kisses would be more tentative, since he's so inexperienced, but if Brian were a long time character, I'd probably be multi shipping right now.

SMH at Sami going from tearing into Gabi to thinking she's going to be attending her doctors appointments.

Nice chill scene. I'm glad someone realized that Chad's actions did do some good, even if he didn't mean for it to happen lol.

I really liked seeing Abby talking to Sonny. That's a relationship the other regime ignored somewhat. The twenties cast finally seems to be beginning to gel.

Go, Nick! I'm not really on his side, but the fallout from this story about the shooting should be great. This didn't happen today, but istm that the show is slowly starting to reveal Nick's dark side when it comes to Gabi, with the way he's slowly trying to destroy her bond with Rafe. Not that that relationship is 100% healthy, either, but it's disturbing to see Nick attempt to isolate her. I'm glad she put up a bit of resistance and isn't completely gone, yet.
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