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Jan 31 2013, 09:56 PM
Jan 31 2013, 09:24 PM
OMG! A single man after getting screwed over for the umpteenth time by a woman has one too many and hooks up with someone in a bar! The indecency! Just like how a victim of child abuse is considered a porn star!

So...you missed that the "Rafe is a whore" thing was sarcasm being used to make a larger point, huh?

Jan 31 2013, 09:36 PM
Jan 31 2013, 07:17 PM
Jan 31 2013, 06:41 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deepRafe finds someone in a bar--{and from what it sounds like,she's not a stranger], AFTER Sami already slept with EJ (from what the spoilers say) Go back as far as Deadbabysex which was a very slutty thing to do, for sure. Then she had Lucas, then going after EJ and Rafe like a dog in heat, all while the left out guy thought she was thinking of him. I know EJ was being very dense today, but he should have felt really really stupid not knowing all that was going on behind his back from New Years Eve till now. It's laughable, but Sami is still very much a slut,skank,hoe, easy.....etc.

Oh yeah, and Lucas even said "its Rafe on Thursday and Ej on Monday" or whatever days he said--even the writers see it and are making light of her sluttyness.
What does that have to do with the point that we're not talking about two events that happen months apart? NM. I'm basically finished going back and forth on this, because I know for a fact that if it had been Sami instead of Rafe in this position, it would be called slutty, whorish, behavior.
For what it's worth if it's worth anything, if Sami had the same character history as Rafe, or more specifically had been involved with just as many men or not as he has women in so many years, and had a hook-up after a most blow-outy break-up, I would not be calling her a slut or a whore or even fickle or a tease. And this is why I think years of Sami's "i love you no him no i am marrying him but fight for me i love you but here i am ready to kiss someone else" behavior is comparable to Rafe's ONS after almost sexing and getting back together with Sami.

And just a couple more cents to throw out there: Yes I suppose you have to have sex to be a slut, and I even said in an earlier post that she was probably a tease more than anything and that is what frustrated me about her. But to be honest, for me, it was never the amount of sex she was having that made me think the writing for Sami was borderline slutty. It was always more about Sami's "emotions" or "affections" I thought she was slutty with, if that makes any sense. I tried to get at this in my earlier post, about thinking that Sami doesn't really care when she professes to care about her men. It's like these feelings of hers have been so worked and overworked and worked again, and changed and interchanged and cycled through and flipped, that I consider them, I dunno, cheapened I guess. And I can't really take anything "heartfelt" from her seriously. I understand she can be torn and confused and it's possible to love more than one person deeply in one's lifetime. But at this point all of that has just lost all its sincerity or integrity for me, and thus so has Sami. That's just my feeling anyway.
FWIW, I'm not saying everyone would be calling her names if the tables were turned.

LOL no of course not. One can guess what the majority or overwhelming or in-any-degree sentiment might be. But as always I can only speak for myself (er, except for when I speak for other posters, em, which I should stop doing - unless I am just trying to voice another POV I guess). And this is as someone who hates Sami nowadays, sees the show as indeed the Days of Sami Hoohah, and considers her in a way slutty with these men. And that was all to say or argue, basically, that I don't see Sami's behavior lo' these many years and Rafe having a ONS after a break-up as comparable.
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