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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepfinally seeing the real Rafe. I don't care if you go back to him tomorrow, because I'll always cherish this moment.

Sami seeing rafe for who he is - check
Sami admitting she was afraid of her feelings for EJ -check
Sami admitting there was always something between her and EJ that hadn't been explored - check
Sami telling EJ she thought they belonged together and telling him she was going to fight for him - check

It's everything I ever wanted and never thought I'd get. Days really delivered on this. :cloud9: And that kiss, while they were oblivious to Mr. Monotone banging on the door made it even better.

Okay, fangirling out of the way...

Kristen is good
Well as a dedicated fan, I guess I won't be of much help, here, but personally, I am pleased that EJ just listened. For one thing, he's been doing all the talking for years. For another, he's just coming off of getting metaphorically punched in the gut, and third, I think it made sense for him to be speechless because IDK how he would have seen such an honest moment coming from her. Since I'm not spoiler free, I (unfortunately) knew how it was going to play out, but I think his silence heightened the tension of the scene and I think it would have taken away from it if he'd done anything except kiss her or scream at her, and obviously screaming wouldn't have gotten them to where the show was planning to take them. I don't don't think it would have been right for them to look happy at that point, either. It was a scene in which Sami was feeling bad, because she was saying some things she knew would hurt, even if the overall message was a positive one.

For this one "Sami could have talked about why she loved EJ rather than why she no longer loved Rafe." I do agree that it would have been nice to talk about what she loved about EJ, but as a long time fan, I can just fanwank it, so it didn't bother me. I see what you're saying though and I think those things will be addressed as time goes on. As for mentioning why she no longer loved Rafe - imo, that was absolutely necessary. In the days leading up to this episode, several people have predicted that Sami wouldn't choose EJ, so much as default to him, because Rafe didn't want her. This episode took steps to make it clear that she didn't want him, either. People are, of course, free not to believe what she says, but I think it's important going forward to know where Sami's head is, in regards to the two men.
If they really wanted her "choice" to be clear, they wouldn't have done it this way. There was no reason to have her choose Rafe first. We'd already gone through this whole "I see the real Rafe" stuff back when Carrie was still around. I don't agree that it was clear (surprise) today. I've always thought the scenes in 2008 where they talked came across as EJ BSing, and IMO this came across exactly the same with Sami doing the BSing.

My biggest dialogue issue was Sami's little victim speech about how people and things were always coming between them. That is pure fiction. That has not played out on Days of Our Lives for these characters. The only people and things to come between EJ and Sami is EJ and Sami.
Well, I liked 2008, too. And I can see why they wanted to squeeze as much drama out of the triangle as possible (and tbh if it's over for any real length of time, I'll probably die of shock.

I didn't interpret that line the same way you did - as if people were actively inserting themselves into the relationship, but as a nod to them always ending up going off with different people, every time they could have stayed the course and made progress. I don't remember Sami telling anyone she saw the real Rafe back when Carrie was around, but I didn't watch every day back then, either. Got an example?
I don't watch their scenes more than once so no, lol. But Rafe and Sami have had that conversation more than once.
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