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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepfinally seeing the real Rafe. I don't care if you go back to him tomorrow, because I'll always cherish this moment.

Sami seeing rafe for who he is - check
Sami admitting she was afraid of her feelings for EJ -check
Sami admitting there was always something between her and EJ that hadn't been explored - check
Sami telling EJ she thought they belonged together and telling him she was going to fight for him - check

It's everything I ever wanted and never thought I'd get. Days really delivered on this. :cloud9: And that kiss, while they were oblivious to Mr. Monotone banging on the door made it even better.

Okay, fangirling out of the way...

Kristen is good, not that Brady's simpleton ways hurt, but she half had me believing her story.

Love Will and wilson, but brison is hot. Brian needs to sit Will down for some kissing lessons and show him how to bring it. Now it does make sense that Will's kisses would be more tentative, since he's so inexperienced, but if Brian were a long time character, I'd probably be multi shipping right now.

SMH at Sami going from tearing into Gabi to thinking she's going to her doctors appointments.

Nice chill scene. I'm glad someone realized that Chad's actions did do some good, even if he didn't mean for it to happen lol.

I really liked seeing Abby talking to Sonny. That's a relationship the other regime ignored somewhat. The twenties cast finally seems to be beginning to gel.

Go, Nick! I'm not really on his side, but the fallout from this story should be great. This didn't happen today, but istm that the show is slowly starting to reveal Nick's dark side when it comes to Gabi, with the way he's slowly trying to destroy her bond with Rafe. Not that that relationship is 100% healthy, either, but it's disturbing to see Nick attempt to isolate her. I'm glad she put up a bit of resistance and isn't completely gone, yet.
I need to send her a fruit basket because that ejami scene was perfection

Really??? Can you really tell me that that ejami scene was perfection and that this is one of the moments you'll always cherish.
I know I am coming from the view point of an ex-ejami who has moved on but seriously if that scene had been perfection they could have won me back.

I think unless you are a dedicated fan of EJ and Sami that scene didn't really do anyone any favours and their wasn't enough good stuff in their to win over any swinging voters.
It could have been better

Ej could have talked. (its always good to see a bit of two way action in a romance).
Sami could have talked about why she loved EJ rather than why she no longer loved Rafe.
They could have looked like they at least enjoyed each others company.
Maybe they could have segued into it from being in happy places rather than tongue lashings with the Hernandai.
They could have skipped the whole part where it looked like EJ was reenacting hearing the news that he was Grace's father.

Plus it would have been better without Rafe banging on the door - entirely unnecessary.

I'm just hoping they can both kick it up a notch in terms of passion, EJ regaining his EJ ness , and Sami regaining some modicom of likeability because if this is the direction we are going in I'ld like to be able to enjoy the ride.
Well as a dedicated fan, I guess I won't be of much help, here, but personally, I am pleased that EJ just listened. For one thing, he's been doing all the talking for years. For another, he's just coming off of getting metaphorically punched in the gut, and third, I think it made sense for him to be speechless because IDK how he would have seen such an honest moment coming from her. Since I'm not spoiler free, I (unfortunately) knew how it was going to play out, but I think his silence heightened the tension of the scene and I think it would have taken away from it if he'd done anything except kiss her or scream at her, and obviously screaming wouldn't have gotten them to where the show was planning to take them. I don't don't think it would have been right for them to look happy at that point, either. It was a scene in which Sami was feeling bad, because she was saying some things she knew would hurt, even if the overall message was a positive one.

For this one "Sami could have talked about why she loved EJ rather than why she no longer loved Rafe." I do agree that it would have been nice to talk about what she loved about EJ, but as a long time fan, I can just fanwank it, so it didn't bother me. I see what you're saying though and I think those things will be addressed as time goes on. As for mentioning why she no longer loved Rafe - imo, that was absolutely necessary. In the days leading up to this episode, several people have predicted that Sami wouldn't choose EJ, so much as default to him, because Rafe didn't want her. This episode took steps to make it clear that she didn't want him, either. People are, of course, free not to believe what she says, but I think it's important going forward to know where Sami's head is, in regards to the two men.
As a long time fan I don't need to hear Sami say what she loves about EJ because I already know.

The safehouse scenes posted are among my favorites because they're hot as all get out, but I prefer today's scenes because it was everything about EJami that I love about them: they lay their souls bare for each other, and only each other. It's how I've seen them for years, whether fighting or loving, they are part of each other, there just has always been this incredible emotional bond between them that transcends things that can be easily explained. And now, today, to see them--finally!-- on the same page, at the same time . . . honestly, it gives me the same feelings the climaxes of my favorite romances (P&P, Wuthering Heights, GWTW).

So, yeah, these scenes, to me, are the best ever, because it laid out exactly what I have believed that Sami has felt for seven years (i.e. she was scared of how much she loved EJ, she cared too much what her family thought, that she can't stay away from him, etc., etc.).
Some of us (myself included) have difficulty in believing that Sami loves EJ (based on quite a few scenes that seem to indicate she's not too fond of him). I think it would be wise for the writers to write this story not just for the people who have been waiting 7 years for their "chance" to come but also those of us who have strayed and those who are new to the show. Make us believe that this really is some epic kind of love because there is a lot of the negative that needs to be washed away. I believe that if their love is shown big enough and powerful enough they may be able to overcome the other less lovely times between the two of them. This isn't really doing that for me.

Talking is part of the charm of EJ for him to be sitting their as a mute despite his trepidation that Sami is going to once again dump him for Rafe seems a wasted opportunity.. they could have been talking at cross purposes. I disagree that "they" lay their souls out maybe "sami" lays her soul bare but I guess I am jaded since I've seen Sami's soul a few to many times and I'm pretty sure her soul will have a different opinion the moment they have a difference of opinion.

I just think this moment could have and should have been better.
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