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There was also that scene where Rafe took Sami for a fancy date at the coffee shop and jarlena were so happy to see them together that it almost seemed like they wished they were the ones going out with Rafe.
I need some sort of evidence that she gives a rat's ass what they think. Her family wasn't around when she was with Rafe, so that doesn't make much sense, and until EJ (and that's come and gone) she'd never cared. I'm betting we'll start seeing it now, but it's not some long awaited thing.
LOL, we just did this like last week.

What thing with Nick? Him being surprised about the prison thing? I assume it was the writer's way to remind the audience what happened, because really, even if Nick hadn't been in town at the time, he still would have known what happened. Families generally talk about that kind of stuff.
He seemed confused at all that it even happened. He was in town and definitely knew it happened. And even if he weren't, how on earth could he have missed the family memo that Lucas was in prison for attempted murder? Maybe BB could have played it differently and it would have helped. IDK.

And I know. But I'm still right. And I'm also talking about Rafe and not just EJ this time. She wasn't concerned about approval with Rafe. Roman didn't like him at first, and the rest of her family, including Will, wasn't around to care one or the other.
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