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Some comments about today's show:

I totally understand why some fans who do not like EJ and Sami together might find that Sami's confession doesn't ring true. I love the couple but I also try to see everything from different perspectives.

The comments Sami made about "something" or "someone" stopping them from progressing was vague and I do think it is because of all the shit that's went down between them. But somehow I think I can get past it because I love my couple. I have done it in the past - most recently with Lumi - and I can do it again.

I have always believed Ej and Sami are much like Sami and Lucas and so I suspend reality when I watch knowing that none of the shit that had gone down between both couples could be tolerated in a real-life situation but is perfect for soaps.

Having said that the only thing I don't agree on with the naysayers is "Sami intended to tell Rafe". The episode I saw showed Sami hesitating while EJ was admitting he was in love with her again and there were clear signs that she was using Johnny to stall - meaning she didn't want to tell EJ. I think without Johnny's interruptions Sami would have been forced to admit something she didn't want to. But that's just me. I'm sure others have seen it this way too.

I also think that with Sami's past it's a given that she does things to please her family - she's always wanted to please them and Rafe was the obvious (albeit wrong) choice this time. She was never meant to be with him; Rafe is nothing like Sami and she could never be "good enough" to be with such a "hero" of a man.

I loved the EJ and Sami scenes! I love how we got more than just a nod to what has been going on since the fall. We all want the merry-go-round to stop and Sami's explanation makes sense to me. I've seen it unfold on screen.

I also love how easily EJ understood Sami and how without words they knew what the other was thinking. Those last few moments between them were beautiful. That's the fangirl in me though. :lol:

Finally, it was Matt's first post in this thread that made me realize why people call James Scott "Beaker". No, seriously, it took me this long! It's that frown, isn't it? I wish he had done MORE with his scenes. I loved his expression at the start of the scenes with Sami but as the moment went on his frown got longer and longer....Beaker!!! Yes, the little things amuse me.

I freaking LOVED today's show!!!!! :D :D :D
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