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He seemed confused at all that it even happened. He was in town and definitely knew it happened. And even if he weren't, how on earth could he have missed the family memo that Lucas was in prison for attempted murder? Maybe BB could have played it differently and it would have helped. IDK.

And I know. But I'm still right. And I'm also talking about Rafe and not just EJ this time. She wasn't concerned about approval with Rafe. Roman didn't like him at first, and the rest of her family, including Will, wasn't around to care one or the other.
I don't think there's anything BB could have done. The dialogue had him just finding out about it.

I also don't think Roman ever disliked Rafe. He thought he was a hothead, but he still went to bat for him to make sure he didn't lose his job at the FBI And Will was around when she and Rafe first hooked up.. Now, Will didn't like him early on. IDK if anyone else said anything either way. But, like I mentioned the last time this came up, there have been signs that Sami didn't want her family judging her for a long time. I think that counts as wanting their approval.
I think BB could have read it like he was just reading a summary of something he knew about, and then his tone could have changed as he put two and two together. But ultimately I think it was absolutely terrible writing.

No one liked Rafe until the baby switch came out. Well, except Sami and the kids.
You'd think if he disliked the guy, he would have let him leave town, instead of setting things in motion to help Sami land him.
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