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Feb 1 2013, 12:36 AM
Why does it bother me so much that the Neither Will or Nick is playing anything like they are cousins? They act like strangers. And why isn't Maggie or Jennifer or Hope all up in the Horton business?
THANK YOU! That's been driving me CRAZY! Abby was bitching about Chad screwing over her friends and all I could think was THEY'RE YOUR FUCKING COUSINS! It's like the Hortons are all concerned about Nick, but dammit if Will isn't a Horton, too. Of course, Will is further down the line and descended from Lucas who is the spawn of Kate and Bill's extra-marital affair (I'd love for Lucas to be the black-sheep, ignored Horton and be bitter about that), but they hardly ever even talk about that anymore.

Also, I'd like to see 2 Hortons actually get together as a couple. There are so many generations on that tree that I'm betting that a couple of those bottom rungs are far enough apart generationally that it doesn't count.
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