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I REALLY enjoyed the EJami scenes. :wub: As far as I'm concerned, I didn't need EJ to say a word. He has been talking and confessing his feelings to Sami for almost 7 years. I have been waiting and waiting....and waiting for Sami to talk. I was content to let her have the floor for a bit and render EJ speechless. THIS is what I needed from this episode. It's not everything and anything I have ever wanted for EJami but it is more than anything I thought we would get at this point in the game. So, I will gladly relish this moment in EJami time. I got a huge piece of what I've needed Sami to give today. I look forward to what lies ahead with guarded optimism.

I can't believe GG can have Rafe look smug even while knocking on a door but there you have it. It made me wish EJ would carry Sami all the way to the door after he picked her up and do her up against it.......loudly, while Rafe stood outside.

I think Brian is so incredibly handsome and he and Sonny do have way more sexy chemistry going on than Wilson have. I still felt badly for Will, even though I couldn't see his reaction to seeing the kiss. He was cute showing the sonogram picture to Chad. He's already a proud papa. Sami as the overbearing grandma-to-be suits her. I wouldn't have expected any differently. If I were Gabi, I would hate her too.

I just realized today that Abby is cousins to both Will and Sonny.
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