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I can't even put into words how utterly annoying Sami is in these scenes with Gabi. Like, I want Austin to run her over again after she falls thru the DiMansion doors again.
LOL I'm no GAbby fan but what SAmi did at that age can't be compared.
That's my point, lol. Sami's acting like a complete psycho here with Gabi when Gabi hasn't even done anything. I don't even think Kate is this crazy, lol.
LOL Kate I can almost understand she is alway been obessed with her childrens lives ecspecially her sons sami has never have been so it comes off false and considering she hadn't even talked to will before she came off as a loon
You know what we are seeing now... Gabi turning into kind of Sami.. and Sami turning into Kate... God forbid.

Of course Sami is acting this way.. have everyone forgot how she is..? I guess she has played the darling angel for so long with Rafe.. LOL .. but this is how Sami should act if you think about how she acts in other situations. I mean come on, this is Sami. She is selfish... and now she had her mind on protecting her son rights to the child.. and her chance to be a grandmother. Yikes.. grandmother.. LOL .. anyways..

Its like the table has turned...

Not sure I like Sami become Kate.. but I guess they have to do something to get some kind interactions after years of bland triangle stories.
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