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Jan 31 2013, 08:14 PM
The Ejami scenes were so badly acted that it was laughable. And not a single thing Sami said was based on anything that's actually happened on the show. If I thought this would lead to them being backburned like most couples who get together, I'd be thrilled, but I just doubt it.

If we talk about the acting,... I think the camera angel was completely wrong. I am actually very disappointed with the camera work. It was like a newbie was directing that scene.

1. you couldn't see Samis face.. it was in strange angle.
2. I guess EJ (Scott) couldn't really do much,.. but still .. something like holding his hands over his head .. or something
3. Very long speech from Sami and nothing from EJ.. have him be react or something.. be upset .. walk up and say something,,
4. The writing of the scene could have been 10 times better.. but whom am I to complain. :ermm:

... but the camera angle and lightning was horrible. Period.


I am still glad of the scene since its a pull in the good direction..

1. that we get away from the endless boring and hopeless triangle situation (I hope)

I just will never understand why this show can't write like they're aware of other things they've written that just aired. Days has so much history to pull from, and if they'd just use it instead of glossing over it and making up something else when they decide to go in another direction, the show would be a million times better.

This... .. very true.
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