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Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
they pick & choose which parts of history they want to remember and which they want to conveniently forget or rewrite to make it fit with whatever plot point they're trying to make and who they're trying to write for. TPTB must think that fans are stupid. They should take a moment & ask some of the actors who have been there for years and years how much their character's die hard fans know about their character's history off the top of their heads. Soap fans don't forget what their favorite characters have been through.
they wrote it for ej and sami fans that does not care and actually want the bad stuff will be forgotten They did not write it for those nonshiper of them and yes the writers do thinks the viewes are stupid of anything they wrote on sami in last few years prove that
i would hate for history to have to be rewritten just so my couple could/would make sense being together. I'm no fan of EJami, but this goes for any couple. Bo & Hope's history/actions/characters were modified to try to make Bo being with Carly make sense.
Changing history to make it fit what the writers want never works out in the end. Sure, shippers might be happy for a short period of time, but eventually everyone gets annoyed with the manipulation.
the writers used to chage ej and sami history and and rewrite stutff all the time
remember santo and collen they did not just rewrite about ej and sami they rewrite history of others characters to fit ej and sami storyline that way that people who ej and sami despite they not give crap about sami
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