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Director: Steven Williford
Scriptwriter: Melissa Salmons

Segment 1: Brady - I know what you're doing - the note I found in the trash. You said it was about a conference call with EJ; Marlena told me the truth about it. Kristen - Did she tell you she was wearing a wire? That she was trying to get me to say I was just using you. Brady - Yes she did. Kristen - She wanted to prove that what we feel for each other is not real. Brady - You had no trouble looking me in the eye and lying to my face. Why is that?

Sami comes out of the coffeehouse and calls EJ who's in the square. She has something to take care of and then she'd like to see him. We have to talk. She'll text him when she's on her way home. EJ sees Rafe and asks him how his sister is. Rafe - Fine no thanks to your brother. EJ thinks it worked out in everyone's best interests. Rafe - You're really going to go with that. EJ realises it's a rite of passage for the Hernandez family to keep a father from his child but he would have thought by now you realised it doesn't work out well for you. Rafe - Unlike kidnapping and hiding babies from their mothers. I've got no time for you EJ. EJ - Just one thing. Make sure you and your sister stay away from William and Samantha or you'll be seeing a lot more of me than you like.

Sami leaves a message for Will. I just heard a nasty rumour from my friend that works at City Hall and we have to deal with this for the baby's sake.

When Nick sees Will poking his head into Gabi's room he asks him what he's doing here. He quickly closes the window with the Lucas stuff on it. Will just wanted to tell him how much he appreciated him letting him be at the sonogram. Thank you. What did you think btw - seeing her, hearing the heartbeat, feeling her kick. I didn't know they could show that much, did you? Nick - No, it was awesome. Will shows him the sonogram pic Gabi gave him - it's going to be our new screen saver. Nick - It's ours too. Will sees it on the laptop. This is how it should be. We all love this little girl and we're going to raise her and how awesome that we'll be good to each other at the same time. Nick nods.

Rafe grins - You're loving it, huh. Puffin' up for Sami. Is that what this is? EJ - Samantha and I are none of your business. William is the father of your sisters baby; that makes Samantha the grandmother and that gives them rights. Rafe - Are you already on the case? EJ - No. I took the liberty of hiring the best lawyer in Salem to do that for me. Just to be ready to defend against any challenges that you and your sister and that criminal she's going to marry throw in their general direction. Let's be clear about this - if you interfere with William and Samantha in any way you'll regret it. Rafe - Wow, so you're fighting for Sami now, huh? That's really good you know because she likes that. She really likes it when people treat her like she's helpless. EJ - I don't think I need you to tell me about Samantha. Rafe - Of course you do. You know her like a book; you know what she's thinking. EJ - We have a bond; a tie, something you wouldn't understand. I suppose that's probably why you lost her. Rafe - What? I lost? He laughs. Is that what you think? I threw in the towel you moron which is the only reason you have a chance with her now. We were together ... she was going to tell you but then we decided it would be better to wait until after the wedding. But make no mistake my friend, you were out. Rafe turns to walk away.

Gabi is looking at baby clothes when Sami waltzes into the pub and announces that she knows what Gabi and Nick are trying to pull and you can forget about it because it's not going to work.

Segment 2: Brady - You didn't miss a step. That story about work just rolled off your tongue like it was nothing. Kristen - That's how it is with us pyschopaths, we just lie all the time. Ask your family, they'll tell you. Brady - I'm not playing with you. I defended you to Nicole today. I actually ended a very close, long standing relationship with Nicole today because I was on your side and I knew you would never steal Titan secrets. Kristen - And I didn't because I couldn't have as those timestamps on the documents prove. Now you're not so sure.

Chad sees Abby with Sonny. Abby comments that Sonny is miserable. Sonny says he made a mistake. Abby shrugs - Mistakes happen. I know that Will's mistake was bigger but big or small it was a mistake he made because he was trying to do the right thing for everybody including you. I know you still love him. Can you at least try to give him another chance? Cam walks in and notices Cam watching Abby and comments that he's looking at her like a stalker. Chad - That's one crime I've never been accused of. Cam - If you want to keep it that way, let it go. Chad has. He knows he blew his chance with Abby. Abigail thinks I used her to ruin the wedding and I didn't. A hell of a lot happened when I stop up that was not my intention. As bad as I feel about Abigail, I destroyed Sonny and Will's relationship. Abby knows Will lied and that was wrong. Do you ever think that the way you're acting now proves that he was right to keep it a secret.

Will tells Nick this will all work out. There's no reason it can't be easy for all of us. Admittedly my family is not the best example but there are plenty of families that share kids, those children are healthy, happy and loved. That's going to be us. Nick agrees. Will gives him a hug - See you. After Will leaves Nick goes back to the article on Lucas.

Gabi asks Sami what she's talking about. Sami - Her quickie wedding. The appointment she and Nick had with the judge at City Hall. Gabi - How did you find out about that? Sami - Doesn't matter. What matters is that this is your first move in trying to get full custody. If you think getting married is going to help you, think again. You're marrying a convicted murderer. He's on parole. Gabi - You didn't care about here about that when you were planning our wedding. Sami - There were a whole lot of things you kept from me back then like the fact that you and Nick were trying to keep my son's child from him. Gabi can't do this again. She sits down, not feeling well. Sami - You brought this on yourself Gabi by lying to everyone. Gabi - Nick and I postponed the wedding, not that it's any of your business. And no one's trying to take Will's baby from be. It was his choice and it's always going to be his choice. He's going to be in this baby's life. He even went to the sonogram with me today. Sami - He did? Gabi - Yes he did. You say you're here to help Will. You don't even know what's going on with him. Why don't you talk to him before you come charging in here and assume he's being wronged somehow. Sami - How was the sonogram? Is the baby okay? Gabi - Yes, she's perfect. We even felt her kick. Sami - It's a girl. Well we have lots of plans to make. We have to make schedules at the hospital leading up to the birth. Gabi - No, you're not going to be part of this Sami. If you want to be a part of this baby's life at all you can't just come in here and attack me for no reason. Sami - Are you threatening me? Because if you think for a second that you are going to keep me out of my grandchild's life you have another thing coming. Nick walks up - What the hell's going on?

EJ - So Samantha didn't meet your high standards otherwise you'd be together right now. That's your story? Rafe - Yeah that's pretty much how it was. You can ask anyone. We were together. Don't worry about it. You guys obviously have this great, mysterious bond so I'm sure she'll tell you all about it. He leaves.

Segment 3: Gabi says it's nothing. Sami and I just had a misunderstanding. Sami - Oh I think you were quite clear. You were theatening to take my granddaughter from me and I'm not going to stand for it. Nick - If you care for this baby at all then you need to leave her mother alone. The stress and the drama is bad for Gabi so please just go. Sami - I didn't mean to upset you. Just trying to help. Seems what I'd be best at right now is shopping. You could use some help with that and Will's daughter deserves the best. She leaves. Nick comforts Gabi.

Sonny asks Abby if she's trying to start a fight with him. Abby - If it will get you out of your own way, sure. Sonny just needs some room to deal with what Will did and see how he feels. Abby - So you're saying it's not a 100% over. You still love him. Sonny does. If he didn't this would be easy but I don't know if I can trust him anymore. EJ comes in to talk to Chad. Tell me about the wedding. Tell me about Samantha and Rafe. Were they together? You must have noticed something. Chad - Maybe. Mostly people talking about them like, they're happy, maybe there'll be another wedding soon. People probably saw Sami and Rafe at the wedding and jumped to conclusions. EJ is sure that's it. Chad - But you and Sami, what's going on with that? EJ - Word to the wise, Chad, don't ever be a woman's second choice.

Kristen tells Brady if he's not going to trust her and listen to her side of the story, there's the door. Brady - Just tell me what happened with Marlena. Kristen asks if he's sure because he's not going to like it. Brady feels that after everything they've been through he deserves it. Kristen will tell him everything.

Segment 4: Kristen tells him her version of the story and how she knew Marlena was wearing a wire. She wrote the note because she was so mad. Whatever Marlena played for you she must have edited the hell out of it because I told her the truth. Brady - Marlena didn't play the tape for me. Kristen - Then what other lies are you so upset about. Brady - You looked me dead in the eye and lied. Kristen - I was protecting Marlena. Brady finds that hard to believe.

Chad asks Abby what he can do to make this better. Abby - You want to make things better, make yourself a better person. She has to go. When Sonny sees Brian in the coffeehouse he says - You obviously heard. This is 'I told you so.' Brian says no. You did say Will had a lot of baggage, I just didn't know that included a diaper bag. Sonny laughs.

Nick offers to get Gabi some toast. She'll be lucky to get the vitamins down. Every time Sami comes around I feel like my throat is closing. Nick - I've got to be honest with you, we probably need some space from Will. Gabi - No. He's great. It's his mom that's a huge problem. Rafe comes in. In lieu of you two not tying the know I thought I could take you out someplace nice for dinner. What's wrong? Gabi - Nothing. Nick - Sami.

Sami lets EJ in. Sami tells him he's been great for sometimes now and that's why she has to tell him something.

Segment 5: Kristen didn't want to add to things. John and Marlena are going through a tough time as it is. I wanted to protect you. Brady doesn't need that. Kristen - I see what having your entire family lining up against us is doing to you. If I told you that Marlena had done another horrible, vicious thing, who could it possibly help? Brady - You. Kristen - I can handle Marlena, John, Sami, Eric and anybody else. What I can't handle is you looking at me the way that they do. Brady - I didn't mean it. Kristen - Yes you did and if that's honestly how you feel I want you to go. She opens the door. I told you from the very beginning it was going to be me and you against the whole world. If you don't have my back I'd rather be alone. He closes the door. You don't want to be alone anymore than I do. I know whose side I'm on. So do you. He kisses her.

Abby walks up to Cameron at the nurses station. I saw you at the coffeehouse; you didn't even say hello. Cam points out that she was talking to Chad. Abby - He was trying to make amends and I'm trying not to be a total jerk about it. It's not easy since what he did was so over the top. Cam knows Lexie would want him to give Chad another chance. Abby - Sounds kind of nice. Cam - Are we talking about Chad? Abby - Second chances. I know how Chad feels doing something so stupid and irrational that you can't even explain why you were so careless about with someone else's feelings. Of course you want another chance.

Chad and Will run into each other in the square. Chad asks Will to give him a least 2 mins.

Gabi hugs Rafe; maybe another time. Rafe tells her to get some rest. Gabi - I forgot to tell you, it's a girl. Rafe - I know. Will told me. Gabi - He's excited. She goes upstairs. Rafe - How bad was it? Nick - Pretty damn bad. Gabi's ducking dinner because she can't eat. Rafe - Not good. Nick - She was calming down, finally getting her appetite back now ... Rafe - What the hell is wrong with Sami? Nick - This time who knows? You guys were so glad that the truth came out but this is reason #1 why we didn't want Will and his family involved. Sami's going to make Gabi's life a living hell now.

Sami starts with last fall when she told him she had to stop bouncing back and forth between him and Rafe only I didn't stop, I kept bouncing towards Rafe. I kept trying with him even up to New Years Eve. You took me on this wonderful, romantic date and I still ended up kissing him at midnight. After that he asked me if we could try again and I said yes. He told me that I had to tell you and I agreed but I could never do that. I didn't want to hurt you, get all upset before the wedding, blah, blah, blah. I think now that I was being selfish. I think there was so small part of me that was trying to save me. The wedding was a complete disaster. I saw Rafe for who he really is. I saw how I kept trying to make it work with him and that's why ... was I really that desperate for my family's approval. Was I that sure that he was the good guy, the right choice? I'm sorry. I know this is taking too long ... what I want to say is there's another reason I didn't tell you about Rafe. It's because I knew that if I told you I would be throwing away you. I've been such a coward. I've been so afraid of how you make me feel but this is right. It feels right. And I think losing you would be the biggest mistake of my whole life. I get that I deserve to lose you but since when has that ever stopped me from asking for what I want. I want you. Do we still have a chance?

Segment 6: Kristen and Brady lie in bed together. He says it's just you and me. Kristen - The rest of the world can go to hell. It always does.

Cam says she was really working Sonny over about Will. Abby shrugs - They love each other. Cam agrees that they did seem happy together. Abby - And they could be again. Cam has to make rounds. Abby knows he's busy but if he has time she'd like to see him even if it's just to talk about what happened between them. Cam would like that.

Brian and Sonny talk and banter about what Brian's been doing. Brian flirts.

Chad tells Will that if he had known he was involved in this thing would Gabi he would have taken it to his grave. Will - What you did and how you did it, kind of sucked but at least I got this now. He hands him the sonogram pic. It's a girl. Chad - You're going to be an awesome Dad. Will is going to try. Chad mentions hearing Abby and Sonny talk - eavesdropping is when you always hear the truth.

Rafe tells Nick that things will calm down with Sami. Nick - What makes you think so? Since when has Sami backed down when she gets something like this in her head. Rafe - Sami's not going to be a problem. I'll take care of it. He leaves.

Sami turns on the crocodile tears. There has been something between us since day one. We danced around it always letting something or someone get in the way but no matter what we said or did, no matter how angry I got it always comes back to you. I just can't stay away from you and I'm tired of fighting it. You have been patient with me more or less so now it's my turn. You can tell me to go to hell but I'm not giving up. I'm not going anywhere. I'm willing to do what I have to for as long as it takes to get you to come around because I believe we belong together.

Segment 7: Sonny locks up and dims the lights. Brian and Sonny talk and then they kiss. Will tries the door and finds it locked. He watches Sonny and Brian kissing.

As Gabi sleeps Nick goes back on the laptop.

EJ makes sure to string Sami along by staying silent. Sami tells him to say something. He says she said it all and then he talks. You may have patience but I'm at the end of my patience with you. Sami understands. EJ kisses her. There's a knock on the door. Rafe cals out for her to open the door.
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