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Feb 1 2013, 07:41 AM
The only reason why Will isn't a murderer or have a record is that his aim wasn't perfect and he was born a Brady. His moral superiority is not exactly a given here, in my eyes, nor is his way superior ability to be a parent crystal clear. He even says to Sonny that he was willing to give up his child for him....not evil but not Father of the Year Material either.
Re: the bolded...that statement neglects to mention all of the other things that Will also said when he was explaining his reasoning -- on more than one occasion -- for going along with the plan. It was never all about Sonny. In fact, on more than one occasion, Will even admitted that Sonny would probably understand and support Will -- and every single time, Gabi and/or Nick was there to stick new doubts in Will's mind (because, conveniently, they were the only two people whom Will could talk to about the situation until he decided to reveal the truth). Will had some very valid -- even noble -- reasons for being willing to walk away from his child that had absolutely nothing to do with whom he was sharing a bed with.

As for being "Father of the Year material", he might not be as eligible for such an award as, say, Sonny would be (and to be clear, I'm using Sonny for this comparison because it would be unfair to compare a person with years of parenting experience -- Bo, for instance -- to someone whose first child has not even been born yet), but the point of my previous post (which I think that you're referring to, although I never mentioned such an award) was that he's certainly more eligible for such an award than Nick is, and Nick's the only other candidate who's worth talking about because he's the only other one who is angling to be the child's father.

No one is perfect -- not even Sonny, and certainly not Will. I have no problem admitting that. However, I firmly believe that Will is leaps and bounds ahead of Gabi and Nick when it comes to being fit to raise a child, and the writing and character history for all three characters supports that belief.
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