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Harlee Kin
Feb 1 2013, 02:54 AM
What was the most bizarre about it, is that it came out of the blue. We did not see Sami struggling to fight her passion or emotion for EJ, there was no build up, I guess they rolled on the couch and he said no. But all of a sudden after laying into Gabi she launched into this long speech. I think the context was totally off and so I saw and felt no romance.
Half of me understands what you are saying and the other half completely disagrees.

I do agree that there was no immediate build up prior to "the talk". She basically just calls him over to her house and launches into an unexpected speech.

However, if you're watching the show long-term... there has been years and years of build up. She leaned towards "good guy" Lucas for the longest time and then towards "good guy" Rafe but EVERY TIME she got around EJ no matter what the circumstances were there was always some form of tension... some type of draw. Even after years of history, she managed to get over Lucas and now it's clear that they are just friends, but she has still never managed to get over EJ. She canít just walk away from him. She canít.
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