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Yesterday's show were just there...nothing particularly wonderful about anything and a lot of WTFery to last me a life time. My thoughts:

Kristen and Brady have fizzled for me. They were so good in the beginning, with so much potential and now they just seem to be doing the same thing over and over again, week in and week out. Brady is still an idiot and he needs a shave....so go get that done baby....oh and take off your shirt so Lysie and I can at least watch and be....rewarded... ya know.

I see this blonde woman coming out of the coffee shop and she looks like Sami...yep...she's Sami...okay...she's calling Everett....there he is...he's happy and giddy...like a high school teen guy when he's about to score big! Oh brother....The Rafe/Ej exchange was expected and 2 points for Rafe for calling Ejevett a MORON.....it's kind of funny that Ej claims to know Sami so well, but somehow but couldn't read her at all.... and to the rest of the Ej/Sami exchange....that blonde woman, I thought was Sami...she's fucking insane....all the crap coming out of her mouth makes no sense...I'm finally done with this chick....Ej can have her, she can fuck him every way she wants to...I want so much better for Lucas... and Sami is no longer that person I want for him....and she'll never be that person unless we find out that she really is not Sami. So that being said, I think my days of shipping Lumi for now are officially over, as I don't want Lucas anywhere near this person that looks like Sami but has clearly lost her damn mind. For years Sami did shit to spite her family and the only part that I could actually think that would make sense with the exchange of wanting to please her family is that at times she has wanted to behave in a way that would make Will proud of her, that he wouldn't be ashamed of the stuff she'd done...but that was way back in 2005, post Stan...so I don't get this....Caroline and Sami spoke and Caroline actually said some shit that makes no sense at the time, but she pretty much said she understood how Sami felt about both men....then she was happy and told Hope and Hope was happy for her...even compared Safe to Bope and all.....then she even said, 'do you really think Rafe and I are like you and uncle Bo?'...whatever..it's a mess...

I don't get Nick's reaction to finding the news either....I think that was a writing error...what they should have done is made sure that the point came across that Nick KNEW that Lucas went to prison for shooting EJ....maybe at the point of reading the article on the computer he could have said, 'He confessed, he wasn't convicted? Hmmm' and then have him mention what he overheard at the square....and then he has an "AHA" moment....."maybe he confessed to cover for Will? I need to get to the bottom of this, did Will try to kill EJ and his father tried to cover it up?" It just played wrong, IMHO. I am starting to feel real bad for Will...he's getting his hopes up so high that Nick wants to make this all work for all three of them...they are all going to be one big happy family....NOT.....Will is going to be hit and hard and he's going to unravel pretty quickly...I just need him to really tap into his gray side a bit to go up against crazy eyes.

Oh touching on Sami's behavior toward Gabi....I would just love to know if Sami even paid attention to what Will told her the other day. Why does she think that Gabi has this covert plan to fuck Will over from being part of his child's life....if anything she should be targeting her anger at NIck...but I guess Nick is not being obvious about his dislike yet....so Sami goes and alienates the one person that she shouldn't for now....this is going to blow up in her face and Will is going to put the blame squarely on Sami's shoulder's.....

Chad and Ej were meh....dude...you've been fourth choice for Sami at one point...wtf.....you've moved up a bit...be happy.

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