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Feb 1 2013, 08:48 AM
Lately, I've been feeling something's been "off" in the WilSon scenes.
I guess I'm not much of a fan of a romantic relationship between the two.
I've always enjoyed them as friends but see them as kind of dull together... it was nice to see FS come alive in his scenes with Brian. I just love the vibe and sexual energy between the two of them.
While I obviously disagree, and this might not change your opinion (which is fine, of course!), it's worth pointing out that something has been "off" in those scenes -- purposely so. Since the night that Will and Sonny made love for the first time (November 14th), there has been a secret (or two, depending on the time period) looming over their relationship that first prevented Will from being truly carefree when he was with Sonny, then prevented Will and Sonny from being completely carefree when they were together, caused a few fights along the way, and eventually resulted in the temporary split that is currently being played out.

Yes, they were still "happy" together during most of that time, but something was always "off", as you put it -- for Will, it was the weight of keeping such a huge secret from the one person whom he was simply dying to confide in, and for Sonny, it was the secrets -- Will's secret and, eventually, Chad's secret [about Gabi and Andrew] -- and that nagging feeling that something was not quite right.

They haven't had a chance to be completely "on" yet. Even when they reconcile this time, they might still not be able to get to that point right away, because Sonny might start agonizing about keeping Chad's secret from Will at that point.

To me, these are very deliberate acting choices -- just like I believe that Chandler Massey approaches intimacy in his scenes with Freddie Smith in a certain way because Will is inexperienced and still in the early stages of discovering his sexuality. Some other viewers simply believe that Chandler's not comfortable doing love scenes with men, but I disagree. I think that it would be weird to see Will being as confident as or more confident than a character like Sonny or Brian who has been with other guys before, and I think that Chandler is talented and smart enough to realize that. Likewise, I think that Freddie deliberately plays Sonny as the complete opposite of what I've just described. When Freddie casually kissed Chandler's nipple like it was the most natural thing in the world after Will and Sonny made love for the first time, it made complete sense, but if Chandler had done that to Freddie, it wouldn't have (unless, perhaps, he'd played it as an awkward attempt that ended with him accidentally missing the mark and smashing his face into Freddie's armpit or something instead).

But that's just my opinion, and I'm obviously biased.
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