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Wednesday's episode was soooo good. (Kristen did the Susan voice!) Today's? Not even close to as good. Chad is only good in CHILL scenes. Amazing. I actually used Chad and Good in the same sentence. But honestly. He is useless unless he is looking at Will homoerotically lol

You know Blinkypuss is having a bad day when Eyebrows is better than him. Not that he was GOOD by any stretch...

I can't stand the SlamPig at all. WHY does AS have to snort like a hog and mouth-breathe after every fucking line she says. And the hyperventilating between kisses is fucking disgusting too.

I do enjoy Abby and Sonny's friendship.

Nick and Kristen were both REALLY good in this episode too.

Gabi is still about as interesting and emotive as a plank of wood.

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