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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Feb 1 2013, 09:19 AM
Feb 1 2013, 01:03 AM
Jan 31 2013, 11:27 PM
It shocks me that I could go ALL day long, reading about the EJami scenes and getting a very clear idea of what's coming, but when I finally have a chance to sit down and watch I'm still an absolute emotional mess. I would have thought knowing what was coming would have made me less likely to have such a strong reaction but no dice. I was embarrassingly emotional - and loved every, single second of it.

I thought it was written and acted beautifully. I loved that EJ walked into her apartment braced for getting his heart stomped on again and apparently ready to walk away. He was smarting and seemingly at the end of his rope with her fickle behavior. And then Sami started talking...and initially seemed to be digging her hole even deeper. But when she started talking about being scared to death of the way EJ makes her feel, and that something inside her has always drawn her to him, etc. I was dumbfounded and flat out crying. I thought EJ's reaction was fantastic because I think it started as anger and a desperate need to put up a wall - and as she really started opening up a sense of confusion and fear that she couldn't possibly mean what she was saying. James did a fantastic job of just reacting via body language and his eyes - and Ali did a great job with the emotional monologue. By the time she got to the point where she put him on notice that she was going to do whatever it takes to get him to come around because she believes they belong together I was a hump of weeping SocR on the floor. :embarrassed:

I know there were other characters on the show today and I swear I tried, honestly I did!, to pay attention to them but I eventually just had to FF thru to get to the EJami scenes uninterrupted. I'll go back and watch the entire thing during my regular viewing tomorrow AM - but for now I have to say these were unequivocally my favorite EJami scenes in their entire history.
"unequivocally my favorite EJami scenes in their entire history"

Ok colour me surprised.. if I was an EJ and Sami supporter (which I have been and could be again) I would still have thought these scenes were a touch on the disappointing side. In fact I could name several of their scenes that I thought were better even during the Mar Dar reign. I'm not surprised that people love the fact that they look like they might be getting themselves together but I am surprised at the strong emotional connection and the rave reviews for this particular way of them getting back together . I just didn't think these were particularly strong scenes. I'm hoping that things will pick up in the next two days as they celebrate their love and maybe I'll have to eat my words..... ( a couple more spins and the effort to cover up Jame's tattoos and that could get me over the line).

Still at this point in time I'm happy to wager Nicole's first born on the probablility that these scenes won't be making the "top ten ejami moments" in two years time.

PS: I'm not even expecting them to be in the montage collection beyond the next two months.
Well they're really not montage scenes in general, but it's be willing to bet that portions of Sami's confession will be used as a voice over for as long as Ejami montages are being made. I don't think there's ever been a more positive, powerful moment between the two of them.
Exactly. What made these my all time favorite scenes is the fact that it finally - after all these years - was Sami stepping up to pour her heart out to EJ. Not just telling him she wants to be with him but more importantly, admitting that she's always been terrified of the way he makes her feel. My personal take has always been that was the biggest roadblock they faced. I do think it was important to her to get her family's approval - particularly around the vendetta storyline, etc. Even during the awful faux EJami romance in 2010 she and EJ were nervous about going to the pub to face her family and tell them they were getting married. But be that as it may - I loved that Sami finally laid her reasons for having such a hard time accepting her feelings for him and instead chasing after what she perceived to be the safe choice.

I've been saying for ages that my ideal EJami storyline would be Sami having to chase EJ for a while - really have to work to win him back. So while yesterday didn't play out quite that way I also appreciate that EJ didn't expect or want her to grovel. I think he took as long as he did to respond because he was having a hard time wrapping his head around everything she'd said. What he was expecting when he walked into her apartment was a far cry from what it ended up being. So their coming together at the end of the episode was a really nice touch, as far as I was concerned. As schmoopy as I sound saying this, I felt like I was watching them both finally shake off all the baggage and just revel in the realization that they were both finally ready - AT THE SAME TIME! - to move forward together.

So - as much as I love the smutty stuff (and trust me, I am SOOO looking forward to these next couple of days) it has always been the heartfelt conversations that end up being my favorite scenes. Maybe they aren't the best fodder for montages - but that's probably why I've always been more a fan of fanfic rather than videos. ^_^
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