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I don't want to talk too much about the Ejami scenes. Obviously they weren't my cup of tea and never will be and I shan't ever be proselytized. Ever. And I happen to think the kiss started off very awkwardly, with Sami doing her gasp thing a bit which I always hated, but whatever. It was a total love-letter, wish-fulfillment for the fans, and as a mega fan of a pairing myself, I can understand how wonderful that must feel. So that's great. Really, that is very nice. I didn't love how the writing glossed over the somethings and someones getting in Ejami's way and have no doubt that was done to make the pairing in the moment stick, able to move forward. I get this is a soap opera and that is done, but I still call foul, but whatever. What really infuriated me was Sami fucking apologizing to EJ - there is just no making me feel better about that. But whatever I guess.

I could argue the "there is always something that brings me back to you EJ" could be said by Sami to/about any of her men she returns to at any one time, but whatever. I have admitted there is a strong, dysfunctional pull there that is legit, so I guess that's fine.

I am just happy it happened so I don't have to hear about it not happening. Let them stick and we'll see what transpires or doesn't transpire. Open those flood gates man - I am tired of seeing the show or some controlling force keep trying to plug up the dam. It's exhausting. Just do it and be done with it. Obviously no I don't want EJ and Sami to be it forever and ever. I never will. But if they are it for now and it for awhile, that is fine. Allow some other stories to be told now.
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