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Feb 1 2013, 11:09 AM
"There is something in me that just can't stay away from you." - Probably the truest thing Sami said to E.J. Despite all of the despicable things they've done to each other, whether it's been E.J. vs Lucas or E.J. vs Rafe, E.J. has always wound up back in her orbit again. Rafe has always been the winner until now, but I won't deny that something - definitely won't call it love, but some chemical attraction - has always existed between E.J. and Sami. They have a warped dynamic but Stefano and Kate did too (albeit for totally different reasons). Stefano FORCED Kate to marry him, and yet I came to believe in them as a couple.
I agree with this. I just wish they would have bothered to actually explore that rather than resulting to vague and unsupported BS for all of her reasons for being with Rafe. I wish the whole damn conversation would have been ABOUT their warped dynamic, not some speech taken from any generic rom com in the world. That's what makes it all so infuriating for me. I remember in 2007 how I was a total EJami fan. I didn't care about the Event, I thought they could make it work if they were just willing to go where they needed to go with the pairing.

But the show never had the guts. Still doesn't. For all the talk of EJami being a supercouple, it kind of cracks me up because they actually had the possibility of being one. But now, they're just another generic couple. There isn't really anything separating them from, I don't know, Brady and Madison, anymore. And when I look back at the potential in 2007, early 2008, that might just be the saddest part.
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