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Feb 1 2013, 11:04 AM
My favorite part of the EJami scenes, and the part that made me jump up and down squealing a little bit, was definitely the kiss. Not because it was some searingly hot kiss, but because the absolute joy on EJ's face was priceless! I thought JS and AS acted this wonderfully. He looked like a man that was not about to jump in the sack, but a man who was finally getting the girl and family that he always wanted. So often their kisses have been about just giving into the lust (which is hot), but the majority of people would give in rather quickly to JS I would think. This time Sami was downright giddy and they were both overcome with the excitement and realization that yes this is finally happening! They sold it, I bought it, and I was very happy with the purchase!
I wouldn't expect those who aren't EJamis to enjoy these scenes. IMO there's not much that could be done to convert Lumi or Safe fans over. I know that the Safe reunion after EJ's blackmail and the more recent one before the wedding did nothing for me. I understand those who don't support this pairing, and their reasoning, I just don't happen to agree with them. I'm as giddy as a school girl right now and I'm going to enjoy this while I can. :cheer:
I fully realize this is my fangirl talking and she is running amuck at the moment, but for me watching those scenes I think JS and AS were all too happy to act out those scenes. I felt like they were both like "finally! the writers are giving EJami a chance!" I think they've wanted to atleast give them a chance for the fans from what I've heard them say in print and in person over the years.
So yes, I'd like to think those smiles were all too big and natural because of that and after the director yelled "scene!" Ali and James, high fived, gave a fist pump, dropped their mics and exited stage left. :D
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