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Feb 1 2013, 10:54 AM
Feb 1 2013, 10:42 AM
Wow. Sami is acually in scenes with her mother? Color me shocked!! Now, will the writers try to make her the bad guy to "poor" EJami? Whether she wants them together or not, I am Team Marlena in any argument with Samanther.
I hope the writers don't do that. As an EJami fan, I want the conflict that this EJami union should bring from both sides. I don't want another vendetta. I just want good, soapy conflict. Marlena shouldn't like that Sami is with EJ. Marlena should remind her of all the stuff that's happened between them. Sami should fight for what she wants in typical Sami fashion and stand by her man. This should cause internal angst for EJami.

These writers won't give it the depth or time it needs though, and for that I'm nervous to want this. They won't do it justice and it will probably just muck up the story more with character inconsistencies.
I agree. I would absolutely HATE it if Marlena was okay with Ejami or if she was portrayed as the bad guy in relation to their epic love. If they go that route, Ejami really will be like every other generic schmoop couple on this show and take all the interesting drama out of their story.

IMO, Marlena should be able to express all the perfectly legit reasons that Ejami shouldn't be a couple. We didn't get the writers addressing it yesterday (which I was fine with since I feel like they missed their window last spring for Ejami to organically address their sordid history on their own). But since Ejami didn't really address it themselves, it makes sense for someone like Marlena to bring it up. And Marlena pointing out what they've done to each other should lead to Sami having an in-depth conversation with EJ about everything. I don't want to see endless conversations re-hashing every sin or couple's counseling (because really, how fucking boring!), but I think one in-depth discussion is at least warranted.

And after Ejami discusses their issues, I'd still like to see Marlena at odds with them because of their actions. Ejami should always being doing things that Marlena doesn't approve of (like maybe doing some underhanded things to make sure Will retains custody of his daughter), because that's the whole point of having Sami with a guy like EJ. With EJ, she not only has somebody that tolerates her schemes, but actally encourages them and can throw money/resources behind them. I will be disappointed if we don't get those kind of stories out of this couple.
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