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Feb 1 2013, 08:53 AM
However, if you're watching the show long-term... there has been years and years of build up. She leaned towards "good guy" Lucas for the longest time and then towards "good guy" Rafe but EVERY TIME she got around EJ no matter what the circumstances were there was always some form of tension... some type of draw. Even after years of history, she managed to get over Lucas and now it's clear that they are just friends, but she has still never managed to get over EJ. She canít just walk away from him. She canít.
Oh I disagree. I wouldn't say she leaned towards "good guy" Lucas. Admittedly the writers divested him of his scheminess a bit once he got older and Lumi went romantic, and the fact that Sami lied and schemed and Lucas didn't was often a source of contention. And I thought this was such a big mistake in the writing for later Lumi - that they erased the partners in crime aspect to them. No Lucas wasn't a "bad guy" the way EJ is. But I disagree that Sami leaned towards him because he was a good guy, at least not in at all the same way Rafe is. Yes Lucas was decent, but if you are implying that he and Rafe are the same kind of good guy, oh I vehemently disagree.

And Sami's feelings are never clear. All it means is that the writing is what it is. Sami hasn't managed to get over Lucas - the writing she doesn't want to go there. If it went there tomorrow, she would be saying to Lucas that all roads lead back to him or whatever. If Brandon came back and they got involved, she would say you were the first to ever love me and it all comes back to you, etc. If she gets back together with Rafe next month, she would say Rafe it doesn't make sense but I just can't quit you. I am not denying there isn't a pull with Ejami - but there is a pull when Sami is involved always. She just can't get away from lots of people.

And I also think that she just can't walk away from EJ b/c it's still some mysterious unanswered question, or whatever - "unexplored" as they say. Honestly, I think that is what a lot of the appeal now is (not all, but a good amount). Which is why I am thrilled they are just answering the question already.

Whatever. I don't mean to be a debbie downer on your parade. It's great Ejami got their scenes, or it's great the fans got those scenes I should say. But that won't stop me putting my two cents in of course ;)
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