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Will runs into Justin at the square. Justin was going to visit Sonny at the coffeehouse. Will informs him that he isn't there. Justin asks if he knows where he went.Meanwhile, after some kissing EJ, Rafe shows up and warns Sami not to just show up and go off on Gabi. Sami agrees to be more understanding of Gabi's condition so long as Gabi respects Will's parental rights.Justin repeats his questions. Will says he doesn't know. He starts to leave but Justin asks him how he's holding up. He hasn't seen him since Christmas. Will remembers how great Christmas was with his family; it felt like home. Justin is smiling. Will continues except for keeping the secret about Gabi and the baby. Justin agrees that it was a pretty big secret to keep for a lifetime. Justin asks Will if he happens to have a good custody lawyer. Will asks why,"Do you think I need one?" Justin flashes back to Nick the D!ck asking what it would take to prove Will is unfit. Brian toasts Sonny with red wine to better days. Sonny will take that. Brian says it's what he deserves. He's special. You think? You are, you've always known exactly who you were Brian says, no apologies and it's very sexy. Sonny thanks him and remarks that Brian has always seemed very confident. Brian admits that being comfortable in his own skin was a long road. Sonny never would have guessed. He asks if it was hard for him coming out. Brian doesn't want to talk. He puts his glass of wine down and Sonny's. Sonny is smiling at him. Brian takes his face in his hands and they start kissing again.
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