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Justin feels it's important for Will to know his rights in a situation like this. Will tells him EJ has an attorney named Bailey Blanchard on retainer for him. Justin says she's one of the best. Will doesn't think he'll need her though since he, Gabi and Nick are on the same page. He was just at the sonogram, he smiles remembering. Justin reminisces fondly about his own similar experience. Will is glad he won't miss anything. Justin asks if he really thinks he could. Will admits that everytime he thought about walking past his child and not being able to hug him or her, he couldn't visualize it. But, that's what you agreed to, Justin says. Yeah, cuz I thought I was doing what was best for the baby; I was afraid of what I might lose you know.... But, I didn't lose anyway. Okay. Will walks away. Justin was going to say something but Will's has left.Sonny and Brian are making out on the bed. cheesy saxophone playing in the background Sonny's shirt is partially open. Brian begins to unbuckle his belt. But, Sonny puts the brakes on. He apologizes, Brian can't believe it. Sonny repeats that he can't. What's the problem? Sonny says it would just be sex. You say that like it's a bad thing. Sonny is buttoning his shirt as he tells Brian that he likes him but he needs a little bit more time. Brian gets up, kisses him and says he'll walk him out, the blast of cool air will do him good.
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