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Sonny's back at Common Grounds, Justin arrives and asks him how he is. He says he's okay. Justin says really? Sonny tells him that classes are fine, coffeehouse has turned a profit, running well, friends are good, they're doing well. Justin remarks that he's talking about everything except the one thing anybody means when they ask how he is. Sonny responds that there's nothing to say. He must be hurting. Of course, I am. Everything in his life is perfect, nothing's wrong. But, yet, everything just feels screwed up. Because you don't have Will?
Will is sitting at the pub, Brian shows up. He asks him how he's going. Sonny keeps his head down and continues with his studies.Will lied to me Dad. Justin knows. Well, you can't think that's okay. Justin smiles as he says liars are an occupational hazard for him. People lie to him all the time for all sorts of reasons--- they're weak, users or won't take responsibility for their lives. Sometimes, they're really good people in really lousy situations, trying to do the best they can and failing. Those are your clients but do you want to live with these liars? Dad this was big. A baby. Yeah, a baby Will loved. He was willing to give up all rights to his child, did you ask him why? He said he was doing what he thought was best for the baby. Is that all he said? Will asks what Brian's doing here? He just wanted some air. This isn't a game with me. You saw us, didn't you? At the coffeehouse. Yes. Brian gloats that it was an incredible night. I guess you know what that's like too. EFFING JERK Brian leaves.

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