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Feb 1 2013, 01:54 PM
Feb 1 2013, 01:44 PM
More comments from EJami erasing the past. I guess Nicole and the travesty of Taylor never happened? Sigh. Whatever.
Erasing or explaining? Many long time Ejami fans have said exactly this about Sami and EJ's past relationships these last few years. They have always maintained that Nicole was a place holder since he couldn't have Sami and Sami was with Rafe because she thought she 'should' be - he was the one that would gain acceptance from her family/Salem.

It seems to be playing out pretty much the way I've been reading posts. Some really hate Sami or EJ or both - and nothing said or done between them or with them will ever satisfy a segment of viewers, but I'm guessing diehard Ejami fans are pretty much over the moon right now. Everything they have said was just validated by both EJ AND Sami the last couple of shows.
That's the case with any coupling that has it's strong supporters and detractors. I wouldn't expect Ejami fans to be anything but ecstatic. I wouldn't expect any non-Ejami fans to be anything but, well, disinterested or less than enthused. And you can take what EJ said today as validation if you read a certain something into it, or as erasing/overlooking if you have other ideas. I wouldn't expect any differently with any other pairing. But that's all that's happening - the reaction is just playing out in that very expected way.

I remember long ago during Lumi Lucas and/or Sami saying that they loved each other from the beginning (the oft repeated "I love you Lucas/Sami. I always have and I always will"). And in my shipper mind, that made so much sense. Of course they did!!!! Lucas had a crush on Carrie maybe, but it was OBVIOUS that he really only ever loved Sami. I mean, you just knew it, right?!?!!? It was so clear. And Sami was just delusional and didn't know what real love was and thought she always had to force it, and if she had just calmed down, she would have realized what she felt for Lucas! Of course that is right and makes so much sense and is validation for everything I have ever suspected EVER!!!

But of course, if someone were to come in and say that is BS and a glossing-over/rewriting of history to make the couple seem destined or work somehow, I couldn't disagree with that.

For my tastes, I sit here with a very perplexed look on my face, and I suspect that will be my permanent reaction through the duration of this. I am just glad it's happening so that it can have happened.
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