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Feb 1 2013, 01:54 PM
Feb 1 2013, 01:44 PM
More comments from EJami erasing the past. I guess Nicole and the travesty of Taylor never happened? Sigh. Whatever.
Erasing or explaining? Many long time Ejami fans have said exactly this about Sami and EJ's past relationships these last few years. They have always maintained that Nicole was a place holder since he couldn't have Sami and Sami was with Rafe because she thought she 'should' be - he was the one that would gain acceptance from her family/Salem.

It seems to be playing out pretty much the way I've been reading posts. Some really hate Sami or EJ or both - and nothing said or done between them or with them will ever satisfy a segment of viewers, but I'm guessing diehard Ejami fans are pretty much over the moon right now. Everything they have said was just validated by both EJ AND Sami the last couple of shows.
Yes, I'm sure they are. But them saying things that the fans have said doesn't make it good writing when it doesn't match what actually played out onscreen. EJole v. 1.0, sure. But the second time around, there was nothing about that which suggested that Nicole was a "placeholder." Nothing about Rafe and Sami's relationship suggested Sami was with him because she "should" be, until Sami said it yesterday.

Those motivations were fanwanks and while I totally understand it, it doesn't make them match what played on the screen. And so yes, those of use who are not "diehard Ejamis" are not over the moon because even if I don't care about the couple, I would like a story that makes some kind of damn sense. And this simply doesn't.

And what makes it worse is that it could have. They could have gone there and made it make sense (and, I would bet, also make EJami fans happy). But they took the easy way out. And it's doubly disappointing because, in other stories, they seem to be actually building the layers and exploring them. Here, they just ripped them right away.
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