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What makes Sami's behavior a bit odd in this instance is that she pretty much was willing to sleep with both men in a span of two weeks, if she wouldn't have been interrupted one time and stopped the other, she would have likely done both men. Kate is a slut, no question...so I expect that behavior from her...but Rafe hasn't had anything and if rebounding to Kate after finding out that Sami fucked Ej is whorish behavior in your eyes, then so be it....but frankly he hasn't even made a slight pass at any female since Carrie (which pretty much was almost a year ago)....and he's pretty much stayed celibate all this time...he could have seduced Nicole when he was playing daddy to her kid, but he didn't....Sami would have banged all three men if she got her chance to in a span of 4 months back a few months ago...so yeah...she's acting very whorish these days...
OMG! All this "Rafe loved Carrie" stuff is not true. We ALL heard Carrie tell Rafe that she knew he still loved Sami, and had loved her all along. Rafe told Sami that there wasn't a day or a minute that he didn't still love her/SAMI. Carrie, who usually thinks all men love her, would not have given Sami so much credit if she didn't know for a FACT that Rafe loves/loved/ and continues to love Sami.

Rafe's little fling he's about to have, is most likely in spite of Sami...just as Sami's stupid fling with EJ is most likely to spite Rafe because he didn't just jump to defend her and her son but dared to protect his baby sister. That's who Rafe is--and Sami knows that--why she would expect any different is beyond me, but beside the point.

The Rafester is not a whore. Sami on the other hand, I can certainly see why people would call her that. She is willing to jump on any man who gives her any attention at this point.

Good job LL.

Naaa... they just trowed that in because of the new writer shift.. before Carries departure there was no sign of Rafe longing for Sami. Upset because of the cheating,.. but he seemed happy with Carrie. Actually he seemed very interested by Carrie.

I am sure that the current writer planned SAFE, .. I mean .. just look how everything has been written right after the shift, .. suddenly Rafe turned up on EJs and Samis hideout. And then things was leaning towards Rafe,.. then we have the typical story of EJ vs SAFE.. EJ "keeping them apart", the secret came out and the that scene when Rafe and Sami rushed to each others arms kissing.. and EJ being there to watch.. and now suddenly this.

I swear.. this new turn must be due to direct orders of the bosses of the writers, I am sure the current writer is writing this against their will.. hence why we had this almost SAFE reunion before EJAMI.

:-/ Its the only way I can explain this wacko writing.
I wish TPTB would use this wacko writing and put Dannifer out of their misery.This couple should have been extinct looooonnnnng ago! :hmmph:
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