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Feb 1 2013, 01:46 PM
See, I think they're going to try to paint Sami as the "poor little victim" to her "judgmental" mother who doesn't "understand" the tue love they feel for each other. Then they'll have Sami gripe out Marlena, call her names, and expect the audience to cheer for Sami as she defies Marlena.

Won't work.
I would very much like it if Marlena we to speak out against EJ and Sami when Sami talks to her about her relationship with EJ. And knowing the writers, Sami would again be dredging up her mother's affair with John, hurting Roman, not being there during her childhood, letting her being raised by a stranger (John), and not being there for her when she needed hef and picked John instead (moving off to Switzerland).

On the other hand, I would like to be pleasantly surprised and hopefully, the writers will make Sami realize how complicated and negative and violent the path to this relationship have and has been. I am not a fan of them as a couple, but I think for this show, and the audience's sake, if they want this to work once and for all, and not end it in a "huff" (and make us dizzy and disgusted again with Sami sleeping and going around) is really to have an open and honest discussion of their past, make peace with it and move on together. Honestly, I have had enough of EJ and Sami (or Santo and Colleen) that they just need to bear the ax down once an for all, and producers and writers should just lay it down, and make it work.

Just my two cents.
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