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Feb 2 2013, 01:18 PM
I am loving GH besides the horrible crossover with PC.

They ruined Lucy's character! From now on everyone in PC will think she's a nutjob.

And WTF? Kevin doesn't remember? That's bullshit.

And nice. Bring on a PC vet (Allison) to kill her off?

I don't know what RC was thinking.... Just coming from a PC fan...

I mean, they are two different shows!
I completely disagree. They may be two different shows, but Lucy is the same character and it wouldn't be right to ignore experiences that we know she had, whether they should have happened or not. We don't know that this is ruining her character. Many characters have seemed crazy to others at first but then redeemed themselves. I have a feeling that this is going in that direction. I'm of the belief that judgment should be reserved until we actually know what's going to happen and in this storyline, we have no idea (which I love)!
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