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Sure they do. But it's not for entertainment purposes. And other people unusually manage to have babies at the same time.
I think that they were going for reality. Sometimes that is nice in a soap. Beside there was more story with Sami having the second child there have been loads of stories that have sprung from Sydney being born caused a lot of drama all around.
I don't think they were going for reality AT ALL. They could go for reality in many ways, and have I suppose, and that was not an example of it. AS being pregnant and the writers writing it into the story, as has been stated, is contrived and the writers bending to the wishes or circumstances of an actress. They did that during the Stan storyline too, and oh my that was awful and something I wish could be undone. They don't do that for every actress - it's not done all the time. And the result is that now Sami is saddled with a litter of children the show has to try to juggle around, imo unsuccessfully. I have doubts the show will be around in 10-15 yrs time for these children to be the future generation of the show. The babyswitch storyline Sydney birthed was awful and maybe created a couple of years of drama, but annoyingly so imo. And in any event that is over, and so is AS's pregnancy, and Sydney is still around, and is a useless appendage imo. Nicole can't carry a baby to term? That could be undone in the time it takes a writer to sharpen his pencil. So I don't think that explains why the writers would write in AS's pregnancy more than the would AZ's. My point still stands that I have no idea why Sydney exists as motivated from within the show, for reasons that extend beyond one short-term storyline.

But no matter how much drama these babies birth, or how they may be the leading stars of the show in the future (like Will is today, which is nice to see), the point still remains that I want Sami to close-up the baby-factory shop. That was the initial comment I was responding to - how one might think that was possible, given this is Sami we're talking, given this is AS we're talking about. If AS gets pregnant again, does that mean Sami will have another baby? Ugh, I hope not.
IA dont watch soaps to see the ame women pop out babies.WHat they did with sami is ridclous
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