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Feb 2 2013, 04:28 PM
Feb 2 2013, 04:00 PM
Thanks for the responses, TomSawyer and SoapGal. And I do see what you're saying. I wonder about the audience attention span thing, and I guess I don't know the answer. I would say if you want long term viewers for a long term show that's on a five days per week format, tell long term stories and tell them well, but maybe the evidence TPTB find doesn't match up with that. But this Ejami hookup and the general happiness it seems to have created among those who like EJ/Sami has me wondering something. Okay, so Jack and Jennifer are my "it" couple. This last time around, they also got the slap together treatment, when there was so much crap that I thought they needed to get through first. Basically, I felt like there was a really good story there, and it was skipped. So I was mad. I wasn't thrilled with Jack and Jennifer's hook up at all. That seemed to me the general feeling among those who love Jack and Jennifer. At least on paper, it looks to me like a similar hook up has occurred with EJami, yet EJ/Sami lovers seem to be generally pleased with it. So there's a difference here, but what is it? Is it that I knew that Jack and Jennifer's insta-reconciliation would either lead to them being written off together (best case scenario) or to Jack being killed off again so that Jennifer could be tried with yet another himbo (worst case), while we all know EJ/Sami are most likely going to continue to get screen time? Is it because Jack and Jennifer didn't even get a love scene, but EJ and Sami will most likely be rolling around for a couple of episodes? Because I don't think the EJ/Sami hookup was handled any more believably than Jack and Jennifer's, and I think in both cases, a good story was passed over. And what I really hate is being deprived of a good story, when it's sitting right there for anyone with any degree of competence as a writer to capitalize on. I suppose at least the EJ/Sami scenes are getting some serious focus and are much better than what Jack and Jennifer got (also, Rafe seems to have been deposed more thoroughly than Dan was), even if a lot of stuff that shouldn't have been (in my opinion) was skipped with EJ/Sami too. Anyway, the difference is interesting to me.
Personally I felt the J&J reconciliation was bad because it came out of nowhere and I was at the point where I wanted Jack away from Jen or, at least, to see her show him some support before they hooked-up. The subsequent on-screen banishment was salt in the wound. As you say, theirs was a story never told. Ejami is different - and I say this as someone who is ambivalent - I don't love them but I dont dislike them either. I do believe many Ejami fans are younger than J&J fans and don't need the long build-ups that used to be compulsory. They also know that their couple is going to continue to be centre stage for the forseeable future (or at least until after sweeps). I think you are right in saying that the hook-up came first and some angst will follow, probably peppered with some good love scenes, so the fans know they have some good soap to look forward to. Ejami aren't a traditional supercouple because of their history (rape, shootings etc.) but they are still obviously the majority of fans choice so they deserve to be explored. Whether it will be long-term I have doubts. I honestly believe that Dannifer is Tomlin's only long-term couple choice (and it is interesting that they are the only couple getting the "traditional supercouple" treatment of angst before sex) but Ejami are getting their turn in the sun so they may as well make the most of it and, if TPTB are monitoring feedback, they might just make it but as a J&J fan, be careful what you wish for.
You make some good points as to this latest JnJ hook up compared to Ejami's. But have Dannifer ever had angst? I guess angst just isn't what it used to be. Is a delusional woman sometimes saying stuff to one or the other of them angst? There's never been any actual push and pull between the two of them---it was a date or two, sex, and "I love you" then it was Jack dies, "I love you"---where's the angst? The third party's always been more the story than they have. The handling of Dannifer really doesn't seem to me what the supercouple formula was (my familiarity with the "supercouple" formula being mainly Steve and Kayla and Jack and Jennifer). Dang, I'm 35, but this show makes me feel ancient with all of my wishing for the way Days used to be. Oh, I miss the lovely angst, and for me, Ejami has failed to deliver it, and I don't think they really can now, not that wonderful "will they/won't they?" kind of angst, not after already jumping to where they are now.
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