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2/4, Steffy presents Liam with an ultimatum; Hope sits impatiently by the phone as she awaits Liam's decision; Taylor has a candid conversation with Eric.

2/5, Steffy is stunned by Liam's unexpected request; Taylor's years of resentment toward Brooke are unleashed; Hope is taken aback by Thomas' admission about his feelings; Taylor seeks comfort from Eric.

2/6, Katie must intervene when Bill and Liam argue about Steffy and Hope; Taylor urges Steffy to tell Liam what she's been hiding; Brooke encourages Hope to remain optimistic.

2/7, Bill tries to persuade Liam to pick Steffy over Hope; Katie tells Hope what Bill is doing; Steffy shares with Taylor the reason why she's hesitant to inform Liam that she's pregnant.

2/8, Dayzee comes clean to Marcus and Carter about her past with Maya; Brooke, Pam and Donna become concerned that there is more to Eric's decision about Thomas than he is letting on; Taylor tells Liam he's making a mistake.
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