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John McBain is not some legendary character. They could easily make Michael Easton be Caleb without missing a beat. And I'm pretty sure this is what will be happening, considering he's about to be playing duel roles anyway. Before this PC arc started I didn't really care about ME one way or the other, now I'm loving him. I really can't wait to see what they do with him and I wouldn't want to lose him.

Roger Howarth and Kristen Alderson is a bit tricky. I would never want to lose RH because he has fit GH perfectly. I'm enjoying Todd on GH wayyyy more than I did on OLTL. That said, if RH is off screen for a month or two and comes back as a lost Quartermaine heir or someone else who is rich and sarcastic I'm fine with it. THe only difference will be that he doesn't have a scar. He was a new character to people that are strictly GH fans anyway so this would work.

I don't think they would be able to make KA be RH's daughter again legally. They will have to change some things about RH and KA's characters to avoid a lawsuit from Prospect Park so I say make her Kevin's daughter if they're going to keep Kevin and Lucy around.

Having said all that I'm hoping that PP takes these characters and actors for a month or two of filming. That is a lot of episodes, just to get the ball rolling then lets GH have them back. The characters fit on GH now, IMO. Especially Todd and McBain. Blair and Tea have other loves. Natalie and John pretty much sucked anyway to me so they could easily move these couples on. John and Natalie are currently broken up anyway. Recasting Starr wouldn't be a total shock, but she's been played by KA for so long, it would have been the equivalent of GH recasting Robin Scorpio when KMc decided to leave. Recasting Todd has worked once, but can lightning strike three times? McBain is the most easily recasted character. I think OLTL should just find new characters to write for and bring back other characters from their long history. If they really want to skew younger Starr is the only one of the three that they should even really be worried about.
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