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Harlee Kin
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If a child is a product of rape, they should never be told. Ever. I have thought about this for over a year now due to my own issues. Revelations of love, loss, hate and fear rarely do any good. This would be damaging to Ally very much since her mother is now having sex with him and has "chosen" him as her mate. It be horrible for the show to cater to the EJAMi fans and make EJ and Sami all lovey dovey and then screw Ali and the viewers who feel their romance is based on a lie with a history of rape. You want to go with love "redeeming" a man (by the way it doesn't) Days and Sami and EJ having a relationship, fine. The people in the apparent minority as I have been told who do not see EJ as a great man nor their love as inspirational will continue to be quiet and have our opinions go without consequence. But please, to have that and then tell a child she was the product of violence would be sick and truly repulsive to watch unless you want to watch the emotional abuse of a young female character and I do not think any Days fans want that.
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