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Harlee Kin
Feb 2 2013, 09:27 PM
Feb 2 2013, 09:20 PM
Jan 31 2013, 05:21 PM
Jan 31 2013, 05:14 PM
Seriously... why does Nick want this baby so much? Not only want the baby, but want Will 100% out of the baby's life? I really hope they give us a good backstory on his obsession with another mans child, its a little weird to me the lengths he is going to
It is, but in this situation, he's responding to Rafe saying that Sami is trying to get Will to get full custody -- i.e. getting Gabi and Nick 100% out of the baby's life. I'm glad they used that for set-up because it provides a reason for Nick and Gabi to get defensive. And, it's not even really about Will, it's about his crazy mother.
Exactly. That's why I'm rooting Nick on. I've had it with Sami.
I totally agree ScorpioQueen.

Once again, Sami is way out of line and selfish. She was just planning a wedding for Gabi, she was just with Rafe and now at the time of conflict she dumps her friends and tries to control the situation by hurting Gabi and the unborn baby by fighting for full custody for Will. This is why Sami is so unlikeable. What? She was not informed of everything so she lashes out at Gabi ad Nick. She was not included in the information loop, and no one went to her for help because this is what she does, makes everything a vindictive battle.

Gabi and Will, the biological parents seem to want to co-parent and have peace, everyone else should stay the hell out of their business.
Ugh Sami. Totally the new Kate, only without as much cause for suspicion and wanting-to-meddlenss as Kate had. It's totally her big-mouthed threats, mingled with Nick's borderline obsessive/control issues that cause this mess. Lethal combination.

But, I loved when plots blew up in Kate's face. Or did they? That time when she was caught in the lie about what she did to set up Sami with Brandon. So yeah, she was disowned a few times. Oh right, she lost everything at one point and wound up a waitress at a divey diner. LOL - hope something like that happens to Sami. That would be the awesomest of all possible awesomesauces.
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