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Harlee Kin
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Feb 2 2013, 05:32 PM
I just want the version of GV in Lazydazes signature thingy to turn up.

Ej's changed he's a good man, Erics a good/god man, Rafe's always been a "good man, Daniel's a "good man", Brady's a "good man" with minor love addiction problems.

We need a delightfully wicked man to turn up on the streets of Salem and Nicole's the best girl to show him around.

If one of EJ's old race car driving or cambridge chums could turn up in town, donate a small slab of money to the "church" and convince Nicole what's a bright girl like you doing in a dull place like this. A month of innuendos and flirting, a couple of nights on town causing Maggies jaw to drop with disapproval, a parade of Eric, Rafe, Daniel and Brady turning up at the EJami love nest to ask EJ who's this guy Nicole's getting involved with.. we don't think he's good news she's too fragile yada yada. EJ claiming total disinterest not my problem. Finally EJ runnning into Nicole and Mr X. confrontation ending in " I don't care who he is .. I already know that he's a step up from you". Mr X goes on to become Mayor. Nicole gets to be first lady of Salem. Scandal and manipulations ensue.

(Mr X can be played by hot version of GV if they don't want to get someone new in)
Well "bad" boys are overrated and bad men cause wars BUT you said wicked. So What IF . . . what if Nicole starts to take hr fundraising for the church super seriously! And I mean SUPER seriously and perhaps entertains some wicked man or men for their charitable donations all and they are all given personalized treatment and big huge thank you's after a few martinis.

Now, all while these shenanigans are going on Eric's feelings will grow heh heh.

Soapy right?
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