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Viewing Single Post From: Nick to Lucas: "I know what you did!"
Harlee Kin
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So true elci525, that is what I thought! Sami is the new Kate and yet I liked Kate, I still like Kate and I am completely disgusted with Sami. I guess I cut Kate slack, because she had that horrible relationship with Curtis Reed, she was destitute and had to take care of three kids and rose to power and wealth by hard work and her ruthlessness served a survival purpose and she could not "turn" off control mode and did it all tongue in cheek and that is why Harmony233 Kate was entertaining.

But, Sami? Daughter of Roman and Marlena in the suburbs was a spoiled brat and still is, she never worries where her next meal is coming from, never worries about how the rent will get paid. Oh, mommy loved another man and not her biological father - BIG f-ing deal! And now EJ buys that crap too? Sami treated him like shit because she had it so hard with her family? COMPLETE CRAP!

Now Sami has been raped twice, and the writers and show could show how that effects the person but instead they give us her apologizing to her rapist and a promise of a wedding with him. Thanks.

I would so love to see Sami finally have her selfishness backfire, blow up in her face and have some storyline other than men pining over this truly unlikeable character.
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