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* I really hope the missing money "hot potato" thing will develop instead of stalling. I'm not bored by the story, it's just they're stalling with it and there's no progress being made. It's like the dialouge is being repeated everytime it's mentioned. It's obvious Alex and Adriana are in cahoots somehow and she's using Noah like a puppet, because I believe he ginuwinely cares for her. Alex keeping an observation on Kevin and Chloe, because he assumes they have the money, which they do. Awaiting development...

*Intrigued by Marcus Wheeler. I can't wait for him to come face to face with GC's Abbott patriarch, Jack. I love his interaction with Victor prior. It makes me wonder if Victor and Jack would put aside their differences and work together to destroy Wheeler. (That's a pipe dream of mines). I'm also looking forward Wheeler's interactions with Leslie and Tyler. They share a past about a 12 yr. murder. I can't help but assume that Leslie went to "certain lenghts" with Wheeler to be in the position she's in today. I wonder how Tyler fits into all of this? Perhaps he witnessed the murder? Did Wheeler share a past with their mother? I can't help but think she's coming into play after the recents mentions of her, perhaps bad blood between the siblings at that everytime Mama is mentioned.

*Speaking of Jack, I'm glad he's trying to get his life back on track with Billy, Kyle, and Phyllis supporting him.

*Victor and Nikki will not be getting married this month. Since they're not, they need to leave it at that. They're too old for this back and forth marriage.

*It's going to be hard for me to get into Mac. SB is and always Jason to me. I think Mac and Avery will encounter one another sooner than later. She seemed bothered by the journal at the Underground, which was Mac's. It's going to be awkward for Nick to discover this since he's dating his bartender ex, who he befriended BTW.

*I hope Adam and Chelsea end their marriage. I like them both, but they're not made for each other. Adam wants Sharon (I want that also). I think they're testing Cane and Chelsea, in my opinion is a GO!!! Cane and Lily are boring. Tyler wants Lily and I believe he faked his claustophobia to feel her touch and get close to her. Cane, on the other hand now has temptation at the office since they're working together with Neil for Jabot's fashion divison.

*Make progress in Billy and Victoria plan to give back Newman and Jabot back to their respective patriarchs ASAP!

*The BEST s/l YR has going in my opinion is Jamie vs Fen. I like they have Michael and Lauren on opposing sides, but please let them stay together. Fen knows he's caught and refuses to admit it. He knows he could ruin his family with what he has done. Fen isn't in love with Summer, he's INFATUATED with her and I think he's going to rape her down the road. I'm really looking forward to more events unfolding during this story.

*Get Cricket and Paul obsession over wanting Phyllis to pay for her past crime over with. It happened during the dinosaur ages, move on already!

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