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I feel like there isn't enough of the schmoopiest couple EVER on Days - John and Marlena. Allow me to remedy that.

1) My personal favorite? John and Marlena the night after their engagement. Yes, they are in bed, but it ain't a love scene. So much flirty goodness here, including the hallmarks of a good J&M scene - moaning while making out and long, drawn out discussions about their unending love.

2) Anytime John gives Marlena jewelry, he includes some sticky sweet dialogue about what it means to him and she pretends to be shocked that he gave her some ugly ass ornament. Case study provided:

The Garnet Necklace

EDIT: Mike and Carrie's engagement - Dr. Mike comes in to whisk his fair maiden away to the mysterious Kingdom of Israel on a white horse. SO CHEESY. I LOVE IT.

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