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Feb 2 2013, 03:32 PM
Feb 2 2013, 03:13 PM
There's a comment upthread that Ejami=Dannifer, and I see the truth of that, and it's sad. Now, I can't quite go that far, because I think Ejami have some oomph and have had massive potential the likes of which Dannifer has never even touched. (I think that's why there is joy and rapture on the boards and on Twitter over Ejami, while Dannifer and their near sex/declarations of love seem to be being mainly ignored.) But this Ejami reconciliation has been written sloppily, and they were slapped together. Even if it's been seven years in coming, they still got the insta-love treatment. None of the good stuff was dealt with (and, unlike Dannifer, there actually was some good depth to get into with Ejami, and I think, unlike Dannifer, there's also a huge spark between EJ/Sami). That's why I'm amazed at the happiness from people who love EJ/Sami. EJ/Sami should have been written better for years now, of course. But once the show decided to go with them, they ripped us off and skipped the journey and headed right to the pay off. I am not an anti Ejami. I have loved EJami. I admit, I'm amazed at the fortitude of some who have continued to hang onto EJami when the couple never really had powerful writing, and when the past two years were just so bad that I lost all interest in Ejami, but I really do get the couple's appeal. I just think it was wasted. It's too bad, because I think they could have been a good romance, and I think it's been two decades since Days managed to create a truly great couple (which couple has been utterly spat upon at the alter of Dan, but what are you gonna do?).

Now maybe they'll do some backtracking with Ejami and bring their issues in, because they've got to go somewhere with them. But I don't think starting with the payoff is a good thing. And, if we're hoping for an EJ/Sami story going forward from here, we have started with the payoff. Payoffs are great, but they're best after angst and waiting. Yes, it's been seven years, but there was no angst leading into this. And the angst is really where it's at with a great soap love story. Isn't angst the heart and soul of soap romance? At least it was when I thought Days was a good show. And that's been awhile. Really, Days seems to have forgotten how to do angst.
Looking at where the story is now, I think the writers actually believed they wrote the last three months as Ejami angst. Problem is that it wasn't written well enough to play out that way. It played out as mostly confusing and inconsistent. I get they were trying to do a true triangle, but the plot point zig towards Safe (so they could would be together at the wedding reveal) really messed up the post-wedding zag towards Ejami. This is a good example of where GT's preference of plot over character makes his storytelling less complelling.
Its like you read my mind,... this is exactly what I think happened.
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