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Feb 3 2013, 02:48 AM
I have been hating on Rafe for a long, long time, but it seems I don't despise him nearly as much when he is not with Sami. I think Rafe and Kate would be h.o.t... in a dirty hot older wealthy businesswoman getting nasty with a beer drinking street cop sort of way. She would make a perfect sugar mama. Plus, this would keep Rafe involved with the Dimeras, and you know what a hard-on he has for the Dimeras. I don't hate this at all. I would hate if he hooked up with Hope, although they do have great chemistry, and I would hate it if he hooked up with Nicole. If he hooked up with Chloe, big whoopty-doo.... But I will ship the hell out of Rate or Kafe or whatever, and I've never shipped before in my whole life. I'm talking banners here, people. Banners.
I was thinking the same thing too! I honestly don't mind Rafe now that he's not in the world of Sami. I really do enjoy Rafe and Nicole's friendship too. They have a nice chemistry together and he seems to have more personality now that he's not with Sami. This may turn out to be an interesting turn of events for Rafe and Kate--I'm in the mode of let's see it and then see where it takes these characters....we may find out that it's not as bad as what we're thinking it'll be. ^o)
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