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Thanks. The sad thing is I did that in like 5 minutes without really trying. And, you're right, it is fanfic, just more historiically accurate fanfic than the writers actually gave us.

The biggest problem is Sami never gave any indication that she cared what her family thought. However they expressed their opinions, she pretty clearly didn't much care. I could agree that what her family said at various reasons could have given her reason to be concerned, but the problem remains she never once showed that she was actually concerned.

No, Days writing is pretty sucky all the way around. But THIS is getting praised as if it were a Sheri Anderson/JER combination original. I'm pretty sure I saw things to the effect that it was the best scene ever on Days. And, I'm sorry, but I call BS on that. It's not even the best written scene in the last month, IMO.

But, you're probably right. Grading on a curve, it's probably okay. The problem is that this particular couple, because of their particular history, needed something more than something this unlayered and generic to make it feel like an actual epiphany rather than Sami's latest change of heart. By taking all of that away from them, they've left nothing very interesting, IMO. And that's a pity.
Yeah, but the "best scene ever" was just shipper stuff, which I don't blame anybody for because having Sami say things like that to EJ took six freakin' years!!! So of course Ejami fans are thrilled, but not objective. But trying to be objective, I'd say there were pretty good scenes that tied up a disjointed storyline about as well as they could. The scenes and the story overall obviously weren't written well enough to make believers out of those that dislike Ejami or to move those that have expectations of quality writing. But they were probably sufficient for casual fans to buy into where they're going with this couple.
After weeks of repetition, I just don't see the need to resolve any of these relationships in one episode. Outside of the dialogue issue, couldn't EJ have witnessed Sami getting it on with Rafe and then just backed off, hurt by the fact that he had just bared his heart to Sami for the billionth time? He could have still supported Sami and Will but become detached about it. Sami's trying to figure out why EJ is distant while she and Rafe implode on their own. She ends up alone for awhile and then over some time decides to pursue EJ because of whatever the 'right' reasons are. There are conversations of their past to explain and overcome, whatever....

It could have been a 6 week arc and built suspense, instead of a head turner that no one would have seen coming without spoilers.

I still like Everett and Sami but I'm no super fan and I'm disappointed that after finally deciding to put the two together the show took the easy way out. The only way these couples are interesting is how the overcome their obstacles, not because the make out on a regular basis. Anyone one who believes differently must be a Bradison fan.
I think that would have been great. :-/
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