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Harlee Kin
Feb 1 2013, 03:04 PM
Feb 1 2013, 02:51 PM
Harlee Kin
Feb 1 2013, 02:38 PM
You know what? They have to have EJ and Sami have sex, because there is nothing else to their relationship. And on a couch? Is the set budget really that low?
Seriously? :lol:

3 times in 6 years.yeah that's all to their relationship :huh1:
No, I am not saying sex is all they have, but that they have NOTHING else. They do not do anything together, they do not enjoy one another's company. There is nothing to EJ and Sami. Look I just watch the show. I don't rewrite it to say what could have been between two characters had every script since the night in Lexie's car never been written. There is no spark between these two, NOTHING. So have sex kids, knock yourselves out.
It's always interesting to me how differently we all can view the same thing.

The spark between EJ and Sami is the only reason I came back to the show in 2009 after not watching for 10 years. I just happened to catch an episode of Days that had both EJ and Sami. I had no idea who EJ was, but the second that Sami walked into the scene, I could see that she had history with him. He wasn't even friendly to her, but I knew there was story and they made me want to know what it was.

I disagree with your statement that EJ and Sami have NOTHING but sex. In the past year, they have been written to enjoy each other's company, they work together, EJ has supplied Sami with a place to live, they have reached a place with the children where he is back in their lives in a positive way.

And thank goodness, the show has finally sprung for a bed, so no worries about the couch sex.
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